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Subject: Re: FLASH: How To Do something after a click, then GO TO...
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 08:46:06 GMT

At 01:31 AM 12/30/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I want to have a mouse release go to a certain marker, however, after that
>function is completed, I'd like to have it go to another marker that could
>be different each time...let's see if this makes sense when I put it another
>I want to click on a button, then, the button will cause certain sections to
>fade away and then it will jump to the appropriate section for that button.

Hi Russell,

makes sense, however mouse event actions happen only at the point in time
when the event occurs. In order for a single mouse event to make several
things happen over time, you'll need to cause it to set a movie clip in
motion that contains the subsequent actions spread out over the mc's
timeline. Not sure if you're also wanting randomness -- that can happen,
too, but is on another level of complexity, and involves nested movie
clips. Let me know if that's what you need and I'll explain further.

Marc Hoffman
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