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Subject: FLASH: JavaScript Controlling Flash Movies
From: Kevin Harper
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 21:02:18 GMT


I have created a site with two frames. The menu for the whole site is
Flash and it resides in the "footer" frame. The html pages, which the
menu calls, reside in the "main" frame. Phase ONE of this site is now
active at:

http://www.city.brampton.on.ca <http://www.city.brampton.on.ca>

* WARNING: (at client's request) This site can ONLY be viewed by
higher-end 4.0 browsers, and works best with Internet Explorer. I also
don't know if the mime has been set for MAC's, as we are not hosting the
site and I'm on PC.

In this version of the site, the menu currently has seven separate .swf
files which have "load movie" commands in them. In Phase TWO of this
site I will be changing the menu structure so that all movies are loaded
on different levels in parked frames so they will all be available to
use the "tell target" feature.

Currently when you select from the menu the html page above the menu
changes. This is fine, but if you hit the "Back" button on the browser
the flash menu does not return to the corresponding position of the html
page. Therefore, I need some JavaScript to place on each html page to
"tell target" the Flash movie to go to the correct movie level and frame
position. I am NOT a JavaScript aficionado so if anyone knows a simple
script that works in both browsers, I'd appreciate the help.

I checked out (at Marc Hoffman's suggestion - thank you Marc!)
<http://www.flashcentral.com/Tech/HawaiiMap/> but I couldn't figure
out what was calling what etc.

Any ideas anyone? I will be eternally grateful! Sorry for the long
message. :-)

Kevin Harper
Graphics Evangelist
Onyx Interactive
155 Commerce Valley Drive East
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7T2

kevinatonyxinteractive [dot] com
(905) 881-4414 ext. 2299

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