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Subject: FLASH: *WEIRD* ActiveX problem!
From: NetworkAuto
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 20:10:04 GMT

I'm having a very strange problem here. I've been using Flash for over a
year now and I've never seen anything like this. Everything was fine until a
couple of days ago, but since yesterday whenever I go to ANY page with flash
embedded using IE I get a message stating that the page send potentially
unsafe information to an ActiveX control and the contents may not display
properly, and the flash content does not show up. It works fine with the
plugin for netscape. I tried taking out the activex control and deleting the
driver, but it would not uninstall the swflash.ocx file due to some other
error. I went to macromedias page to reintall the Flash Player from the Web,
I even tried reintalling Internet Explorer. The only thing I can think of is
either 1) Something got screwed up when I defragmented my hard drive the
other day, or 2) when I installed Business Plan Pro software from Palo Alto
software the other day. I don't know why these actions would cause this but
I can't think of any other reason why my browser would just stop recognizing
Flash content. any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm about to reformat
my whole hard drive! Is this Y2K coming early or am I just missing something


Tom Feiffer
tomatnetworkauto [dot] com

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