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Subject: FLASH: Drag and Drop Question
From: Nick Carron
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 16:42:24 GMT

My question concerns the drag and drop emulation.

I have been successful in scripting an action for a button behavior which
allows me to perform the drag and drop. However, I have discovered a few
blocks that I can hopefully get some advice on...

1) Once the drag has begun and is let go without being correctly placed on
top of the drop instance, I am unable to continue the drag from that spot
that I let go without hitting the button again. Is there a way to grab to
edit my script below so that I can continue the drag without starting over?

2) Most importantly - how can I script it so that once the drop is
completed, the user will immediately 'go to' a new scene?

Here is the drag and drop emulation script that I completed...

On (Press)
Start Drag ("/DragRouter", lockcenter)
End On
On (Release, Release Outside)
Stop Drag
If (GetProperty ("/DragRouter",_droptarget) eq "/DropCreatesSep")
Begin Tell Target ("DragRouter")
Set Property ("", Visibility) = "0"
End Tell Target
End If
End On

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