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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash memory problems
From: Frederico
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 18:17:06 GMT

On 12/28/99 12:56 PM, Sarah Lamont via slamontat2mtc [dot] com, said:

>So, I guess my question(s) are: 1. How much memory is usually needed to
>be allocated to flash for optimum performance?

It all depends on the level and intensity of your work. Basic, everday
Flash with FLAs in the 1MB-5MB range will operate comfortably with
10MB-30MB allocated to Flash.

If you are working with additional resources, such as small-medium JPG or
AIFF, you should have at least 50MB allocated.

Serious stuff may require you to move Flash in excess of 100MB.

>2. Am I missing something
>here, is there anything I am doing wrong/should be doing, and that is
>the reason for my errors?

What are the sizes of your base FLAs?

Are you trying to do a lot with sound (AIFF to MP3?)?

How many FLAs are open when you get these warnings?

How may other applications do you have open at the same time?

Do these memory errors occur immediately after a Restart and relaunch of
Flash, or do they creep up after a period of use?

What is Virtual Memory set to?

Are you employing single-volume-deployment, or multiple drive/partitions
with targeted VM and scratch?

How many fonts do you have loaded currently? Are you using a font
managment utility, or do you just have them all loaded into the Fonts

>3. Is there anything short of buying more
>memory that I can do to fix this? (my machine has 128 megs ram)

You say you have 80MB allocated to Flash, and 128MB total RAM. The math
would imply that you have over-allocated to Flash, because Finder will
need to dynamically allocate some of that RAM for its own use.

Try dropping back to 50MB to Flash, VM set to physical RAM plus one
(129MB), and then Restart. Report back with answers to the questions
above, and also:

How much RAM is Finder using all by itself? (from the 'About This
Computer...' window)

How much RAM is Flash using immediately after opening?

Now how much for Finder?

How much to each after you open your FLAs?

How much are both Finder and Flash using when you get an out of memory

Is this a G3 or a G4? Speed? Size and Type of HDD?

If a B&W G3, have you applied all the required software and firmware
updaters for your model Mac?




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