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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash memory problems
From: Sarah Lamont
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 18:56:45 GMT

Thanks for the reply. Let me try to answer all your questions:

> What are the sizes of your base FLAs?
The two I have the most problems with are 4.5 Mbs, and 17 Mbs. I realize
that last one is quite large, I've pretty much given up trying to work
on that one for the time being.

> Are you trying to do a lot with sound (AIFF to MP3?)?
No, in the 4.5 meg file, there is no sound; in the 17 meg file, there is
some, of which the total sound size equals about 5 megs.

> How many FLAs are open when you get these warnings?
I've gotten them with no other flas open.

> How may other applications do you have open at the same time?
No other apps open.

> Do these memory errors occur immediately after a Restart and relaunch of
> Flash, or do they creep up after a period of use?
They happen immediately after a restart and relaunch when working on the
specified flas.

> What is Virtual Memory set to?
It's set to 129 megs.

> Are you employing single-volume-deployment, or multiple drive/partitions
> with targeted VM and scratch?
I'm not sure what you mean by this...?

> How many fonts do you have loaded currently? Are you using a font
> managment utility, or do you just have them all loaded into the Fonts
> folder?
I have ATM installed, it is version 4.5.2, which is compatible with Mac
OS 9.0. I have 136 font families loaded.

> You say you have 80MB allocated to Flash, and 128MB total RAM. The math
> would imply that you have over-allocated to Flash, because Finder will
> need to dynamically allocate some of that RAM for its own use.
> Try dropping back to 50MB to Flash, VM set to physical RAM plus one
> (129MB), and then Restart. Report back with answers to the questions
> above, and also:
> How much RAM is Finder using all by itself? (from the 'About This
> Computer...' window)
27.8 megs

> How much RAM is Flash using immediately after opening?
52.6 megs

> Now how much for Finder?
28 megs

> How much to each after you open your FLAs?
56.3 megs to Flash
28 for finder

> How much are both Finder and Flash using when you get an out of memory
> error?
56.3 megs to Flash,
28 for Finder,

> Is this a G3 or a G4? Speed? Size and Type of HDD?
G4 Mac OS ROM 3.2.1
Hard drive is 19.14 GBs

Thank you so much!
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  Re: FLASH: flash memory problems, Frederico

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