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Subject: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance...
From: Suzanne Beane
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 19:09:09 GMT

I have a client that wants to use Flash to display a quiz. The Quiz will need to use Flash to call on a database of some sort (text file possibly?) to pull up to 5 different random questions picked from 125 possible questions. I am currently researching the best solution for this, but would welcome any thoughts on the subject as it regards to setting up the flash file.

I am using Flash 4.0 and I am looking into Flash Generator 2 as a possibility. However, I have limited knowledge of Flash Generator currently. I have talked with some technical folks and have come to the conclusion that I will need to research Flash 4.0 capatibities with a database or text file before they could give me any other assistance.

I believe I want to set up the file using text fields but I also want to animate the text fields in the quiz (i.e. possibly fading the questions and answers in separately). The answers will vary as far as which one would be correct (i.e. Question 1 answer would be A and Question 2 answer would be D); hence, the questions would be very random. I am not sure how to link the text fields to the database. Can you make the text fields symbols in the library and using "set variable" actions link to the database or text file???

Any help on this would greatly be appreciated!




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