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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT-funny dates in this list.
From: unique
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 23:08:13 GMT

At the exact moment of 1999., her/his local time, Robert Bleeker
<rbleekeratcadre [dot] com [dot] au> put forth:

> Hi Flashers,
> I have recently changed my email receiving to my PowerBook and am intrigued
> by the message dates that are send to the list.
> The majority of messages seem to have the right date but there are
> constantly some with very old date or, even weirder, with dates in 2000.
> It is becoming very awkward to organize this list.
> Is this date thing because the list is using the senders system clock or
> what!? And if it does use the senders system clock why do some people have
> there system already set to 2000 while there are still a few days to go? :-)
> Robert
> PS. We flashers in Sydney Australia should (want to) be the first across the
> line into 2000! so back-off with your system clocks! :-)

Hello Robert,

Funny you should ask.

I would bet that *some* (but not all) of your problem is on *your* end!

Because, according to my correctly set computer clock and calendar and time zone
setting, and according to my email client listings, you sent the above email at
least 30 minutes from now, into the future!

Howdja do that?!

So I suggest you check your time zone setting for starters. HTH.

And YES, there are several folks around here who don't have their clocks etc.
set properly, what can ya do ...


Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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  FLASH: OT-funny dates in this list., Robert Bleeker

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