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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance...
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 01:02:06 GMT

Hi Suzanne,

You can save yourself *a lot* of trouble and expense by simply
building all the questions into the flash-4 file, and using the
random function to pick the questions.

Forget the server data base end, it's way overkill for this project,
plus, a client file-only solution will work better anyway. 125
questions can easily be handled by flash alone. This doesn't need to
be a server app. - way too much trouble, expense and hassle.

If you're going to be changing the questions once in a while, just
load them off a flat server file from the flash-4 app.

Good luck!


>I have a client that wants to use Flash to display a quiz. The Quiz
>will need to use Flash to call on a database of some sort (text file
>possibly?) to pull up to 5 different random questions picked from
>125 possible questions. I am currently researching the best solution
>for this, but would welcome any thoughts on the subject as it
>regards to setting up the flash file.
>I am using Flash 4.0 and I am looking into Flash Generator 2 as a
>possibility. However, I have limited knowledge of Flash Generator
>currently. I have talked with some technical folks and have come to
>the conclusion that I will need to research Flash 4.0 capatibities
>with a database or text file before they could give me any other
>I believe I want to set up the file using text fields but I also
>want to animate the text fields in the quiz (i.e. possibly fading
>the questions and answers in separately). The answers will vary as
>far as which one would be correct (i.e. Question 1 answer would be A
>and Question 2 answer would be D); hence, the questions would be
>very random. I am not sure how to link the text fields to the
>database. Can you make the text fields symbols in the library and
>using "set variable" actions link to the database or text file???
>Any help on this would greatly be appreciated!

Wayne Townsend
waynetataccesson [dot] net
Alt: waynetatabsolute [dot] net

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  Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane

  FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane

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