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Subject: RE: FLASH: File Download Size with Multiple Identical Files
From: Mari Bontrager
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 02:01:53 GMT

Download is extremely slow... 28.8 connection. Measured in mega-minutes
not seconds :) (If I were a potential customer, I wouldn't hang around
that long.)

Yes, the buttons are there and cached.

>As a test, I re-did our catalog index page using this method. Each button is
>being dynamically created from a single swf through an ASP interface to SQL
>Server 6.5.
>The browser cache shows a file for each of the buttons. Can anyone with a
>slow connection confirm that each file downloads separately?
>What is a more efficient way to accomplish something like this?
>David Jacobs
>Web Developer

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  RE: FLASH: File Download Size with Multi, David Jacobs

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