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Subject: FLASH: LoadMovie not working on CD
From: Tommy D'Aquino
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 03:32:51 GMT

I need help.

We've developed a software demo using flash as the delivery engine. It's got
a "Loader" (basically, a splash screen w/ an action) movie which loads a
Menu.swf into level0. Then the menu.swf calls upon other movies to each load
into level1 (of course one would close and return to the menu before loading
the next). Just the loader is saved as a projector (both Mac and Windows
versions) while the other files (menu and each of the content files) are
saved as .swf files.

This all works fine on my machine (a mac) by launching the projector and
having it load the other movies. I've burned it to CD and the PC version
works fine but the Mac version wont load the Menu.swf. The Loader just sits
there with it's "loading..." playing over and over.

All files are located in the same directory so there's no complicated path.
I've made nothing invisible on the CD. Any ideas?


Tommy D'Aquino

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