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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance...
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 17:40:59 GMT

>Hi Wayne-
>Are you talking about creating one flash 4.0 file with the 5
>questions (a template file); setting up a random action in the quiz
>to pull from another Flash 4.0 file that contains all the 125
>questions? If so, wouldn't you have to set up the template file with
>text fields and make them symbols in order to set up the randomized
>Does this make sense???
>Wouldn't it be easier to pull the questions and answers from a text
>file into the Flash template file?
>thanks for you help-

Hi Suzanne,

In general, the more compact and self contained (stand alone) you can
make this project, the better. Not having to go back to the server
during operation, is a plus for obvious reasons.

This is why I would contain the questions within the structure of the
flash file itself. This is the ideal scenario. Your only concern is
filesize, which should be manageable considering the details you've
given, especially if you do a good job with the preloaded sequence.
Keep in mind that swf files of several hundred k are commonplace now.

The questions could be set up in an MC with 125 frames. Those could
be chosen to play at random.
Another MC can keep score. You may or may not want to use text
fields. For static text, it makes less sense to do so.

At any rate, if you decide to keep the questions on the server (with
the possible answers (assuming this is multiple choice)) and a
"correct answer" variable, you can pull 5 up at random, and display
them in a text field. You'll have to weigh the advantages of a self
contained project with it's larger inital load to the possible
problems of relying on a server connection for a smaller file up
front. The self contained file has the advantage of being able to be
played over and over off-line.

Since the primary function of Flash Generator is to merge a swf file
with random data, it isn't what you're looking for.

KISS (keep it simple) is the best route whenever possible. Flash 4
will let you do that. Use the scripting functionality of flash to
avoid server data base and cgi requirements as much as you can.
Also, unless you are a server CGI whiz, this will allow you to keep
full control of the project.

FWIW, this is a good project for you to be working on, because it
relates to WBT (Web-Based Training), which looks to be the next big
thing on the web after the hype of e-commerce cools down some.



Wayne Townsend
waynetataccesson [dot] net
Alt: waynetatabsolute [dot] net

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  Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane

  FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane
  Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane

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