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Subject: Re: FLASH: click button
From: Jerry Sullivan
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 18:23:44 GMT

Sorry if this is redundant.....
A button symbol has four states. Up, Over, Down and Hit.
These all represent the mouse action for the button. Hit is invisible and
defines the hit area of the button.
You can define it by placing any shape you want. Generally it's best to make
it so that the interaction is easier. So, in your case a rectangle covering
the area of your text would do it.
If the problem you're having is related to your symbol's properties being
something other than a button but with the behaviour of one, you'll need to
change it.

From: Angeline Geronimo <ageronimoatiscgnetwork [dot] com>

> Hello everyone,
> I'm wrapping up my new flash for the millennium but I can't seem to figure
> it out. I have this button made of just text. It seems like I can only
> highlite on some parts of the button just to click on it. I feel like I
> have to look for a part of that button and it's annoying me. Is there
> another way of making sure that once the mouse is over the button, that
> can click on it without playing "find the hideen spot on the button"?
> Thanks everyone!
> Angie

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  FLASH: click button, Angeline Geronimo

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