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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance...
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 19:16:16 GMT

>What you are suggesting with the self contained file makes alot of sense.
>And if I contain all the information in one Flash file, I will also be able
>to animate all the questions without a problem. With the self contained
>file, I will be able to incorporate the right and wrong answer screens (2
>generic ones) for useablity with out a problem.
>I was trying to figure out if there was a way to have only 5 different
>types of animations used (bringing the question and answer in separately),
>can the flash file call upon a database in order to make the file size
>smaller. I wanted to create this file with the least amount on k as humanly
>possible as well as possibly limiting the amount of production work on my

>can the flash file call upon a database in order to make the file size

Assuming you're referring to the questions/answers, yes it can. But
that method runs the risk of delays during the quiz due to hiccups
with the server connection. (we know this never happens! ;) Server
connect delays are also more noticeable to the user because of when
they occur during the normal course of the quiz. If you do a really
good preloader, (a movie in itself), you can manage to load quite a
bit without the audience noticing that's what you're doing. Then the
quiz will run smoothly even if played more than once, which is
likely. Remember also, that in general, server app/data base/cgi
types love to complicate things to justify their existence - so if
you can provide a solution while avoiding them, you'll be a lot
happier. ;) - while maintaining control of your project.

A good way to proceed would be to build the entire project in flash -
questions answers, animation, logic, everything. This will make the
development/testing process go faster. Then create a good preloader
for it. Optimize it all you can, and then test it on the server.
Then you can decide wether it's worth the hassle and complication to
separate the questions out into server files, and load them on the
fly. I doubt it will be. From what you've described, Flash-4 can do
it all by itself. I would go that route first.

Flash's "load movie" command also has some possibilities here for
loading a question/animation combination. Yes, I'm talking about 125
little flash movies. (not so bad though when you're working from a
template.) But, there is a problem with IEmac 4.5 and load movies
which you'll have to take into consideration.

Have a look at http://www.bingotelevision.com and if there are any
methods in use there that could be helpful to you, let me know.


Wayne Townsend
waynetataccesson [dot] net
Alt: waynetatabsolute [dot] net

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  Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane

  Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane
  FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane
  Re: FLASH: Flash Quiz Game assistance..., Suzanne Beane

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