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Subject: RE: very OT : Re: FLASH: Cool Website!
From: Frederico
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 23:53:09 GMT

On 12/29/99 12:07 PM, Mark Da Cunha via mdcatgrouper [dot] batelnet [dot] bs, said:

>I even wonder if this guy even earned his money, since he is a 'sheik'. The
>site is an utter waste of bandwidth.

Speaking of utter wastes of bandwidth, or, 'A Study in Free
Speech--Ain't It Great When It's For All of Us?'. . .

>Sign the petition defending Business Heroes at http://www.moraldefense.com

. . .I wonder if your "Business Hero" earned his $93 billion dollars, or
maybe, just maybe he took unfair advantage of someone, somewhere along
the way.

Perhaps the Sheik and BG aren't so different?


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