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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash memory problems
From: Michael Penne
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 00:55:02 GMT

We hit the memory ceiling (on both macG3s w/256mb and P3s
w/NT4/256mb) at ~100mb fla size. Broke the movie up, worked
fine. Flash is a bit primitive when it comes to allocating
memory for large sized files. Sounds like your files are
pretty large, best solution, get another 128mb (at least).
Second best, set your virtual memory to ~350mb, and give
flash enough so it quits whining.

--- Sarah Lamont <slamontat2mtc [dot] com> wrote:
>, when
> working in Flash, for some reason, I keep getting errors,
> specifically
> "Flash is low on memory. Go to finder and increase
> memory", something
> along those lines. It won't publish any of my .flas
> because of this
> memory problem, and sometimes isn't even opening them at
> all. I have
> tried everything I could think of to fix this: virtual
> memory is turned
> on, allocated up to 80,000 memory to flash, de-activated
> some unneeded
> extensions in Mac OS 9.0, restarted numerous times. I am
> going insane
> here! I never had these errors on my old machine.
> So, I guess my question(s) are: 1. How much memory is
> usually needed to
> be allocated to flash for optimum performance? 2. Am I
> missing something
> here, is there anything I am doing wrong/should be doing,
> and that is
> the reason for my errors? 3. Is there anything short of
> buying more
> memory that I can do to fix this? (my machine has 128
> megs ram)
> Please help me out!
> Thanks alot,
> sarah
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> ---{:practice random kindness and senseless acts of
> beauty:}---


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