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Subject: Re[2]: FLASH: Clearest Font?
From: Roger Heath
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:45:34 GMT

Reply to: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Re: FLASH: Clearest Font? on Thursday 5:26:56 PM
From: Roger Heath heathatrleeheath [dot] com

M> At 09:31 AM 12/30/99 , you wrote:
>>We are redoing our portal in Flash and need to keep all links as clear
>>as possible. I am wondering what many of you might consider to be the
>>consistent clearest font to use? MS Sans Serif, Arial ...??? Wondering
>>how far down in size I can go until it is too hard to click on?

M> Verdana is well-designed for this usage. You may need to make it bold
M> and/or kern it wider (ctrl-alt-right arrow). Point size readability will
M> depend on whether the piece ends up scaled or fixed pixel dimension in the
M> browser window. Play with color contrast to find a good combination. Also
M> make sure your hit area is big enough, which is what will determine ease of
M> clicking. Hit area for text buttons should be a non-outlined rectangular
M> fill, NOT the text itself.
M> Marc Hoffman

Thanks. I am using that now, but it seems quite wide. I think I
will use fixed... it is scaled now, seems a bit thinned.

M> See our Flash portfolio at <http://www.dartfrogmedia.com/sampler>
M> (featured in Flash 3 Web Animation, by Ken Milburn)

Was visiting your jungle today... very nice. <g>

Roger Heath heathatrleeheath [dot] com

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