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Subject: Re: FLASH: What's the best method of playing an mc with MouseOver
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:45:49 GMT

At 11:58 AM 12/30/99 , you wrote:
>For a menu I'd like to play an mc when MouseOver. When MouseOut I wanted to
>play the same mc backwards.

Make the movie clip external to the button, and use TellTarget to control
the clip. Give the clip two sequences (forward and backward) and use Stop
actions to keep it from playing except when told to play. You can also
embed the button inside the movie clip and control the movie clip's
timeline from there. What you cannot do to achieve your effect is to embed
the movie clip in the button in symbol edit mode.
Marc Hoffman

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