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Subject: Re[2]: FLASH: Detect dial up
From: Roger Heath
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 00:05:56 GMT

Reply to: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Re: FLASH: Detect dial up on Thursday 5:29:23 PM
From: Roger Heath heathatrleeheath [dot] com

M> At 11:40 AM 12/30/99 , you wrote:

>>How would I detect a users dial up account and invoke
>>it from a flash standalone player or CD.

M> Flash was not designed to do this, and it would be a security hazard for it
M> to do so. I'm not certain if there's a way to hack into the user's system
M> in such manner, but you also have to consider how users would feel about
M> that. Some users have their systems set up to dial their connection
M> automatically upon encountering an http: URL. Others on this list may have
M> more ideas.
M> Marc Hoffman

Our browser will do this. It is being made so that it will also auto
install entries so DUN doesn't even have to be seen or configured, and
it will auto-browse, so you will be able to configure it to have timed
site loadup, from cdrom, the net, or both. It even shuts off caching so
only fresh content will be viewed. It will be released in the next month
or two and is called Activator Desk(tm).. I will be announcing it here.
We have signed a distribution agreement with Macromedia for Flash and
Shockwave. It is based on the MSIE control for full compatibility with
most other web protocols (SSL, ActiveX, Java, etc.).

We are considering contracting with Flash developers for some of the
built-in portal capabilities. We want to turn our KidGrid(tm) portal
into Flash. (see http://www.kidgrid.com ) and our InfoGrid(tm) (see
http://www.infogrid.com ) If you have an interest, or feel that you
might be in a position to help, please write me privately and we will
consider it.

Roger Heath heathatrleeheath [dot] com

advanced internet services and software technology
advanced concepts in emergency medical technology

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  Re: FLASH: Detect dial up, Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart

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