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Subject: Re: FLASH: Shared Buttons bug, OR : not documented res
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 00:25:35 GMT

If this is "Are scripts on buttons shared across libraries?" then no, the
actual actions in a button are unique to each instance of its use...
they're not stored in the library, and so aren't shared.

If you want to cut down on filesize and guarantee uniformity in a project
where multiple movies use the same graphics for buttons, then do what
PSWoods recommends: share the graphics. You can then use these in each
movie's various buttons.

> Also be aware that if you have shared graphics the
> movie will load those first before it attempts to do
> anything else (including a frames_loaded test).

If you mark a symbol as "exported" then it *must* appear in the SWF,
regardless of whether it's in the timeline. Because the Player cannot
predict when you might call such a dynamic element, it will be written in
the default position at the start of the SWF.

> Geeeee, where the *$%#&@ is this written in MM's Flash5 docs ?

Sorry, the writers try to document the features, but it takes awhile to
imagine the frequent questions in months to come. If you could, please drop
a note to wish-flash with something like "in addition to documenting the
tool, please try to imagine what questions I may later have".

> GRRRR... i just spent the whole week-end optimizing 20 movies
> in order to get them sharing 24 Kb of nice buttons, just to
> discover that it doesnt work 8-(

If you lost time like this, then you'll likely lose time in the future in
similar approaches to other problems. When trying something new it's good
to try a small proof-of-concept first, testing in several environments and
conditions, before committing to a larger labor investment in a new path.


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