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Subject: Re: FLASH: Shared Buttons bug ? what the problem exactly is
From: Didier GEORGES
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 17:09:59 GMT

> Perhaps MM can document this--even reply to this thread IF THERE'S ANYTHING
> THEY KNOW... otherwise, it's up to us (or the people who have found the
> problem) to clarify the problem.

If anyone is wishing to receive a zipped example...i'll be happy to
contribute identifying and clarifying what the problem is.

To resume :

what works :

1) attach actions to a button (just the usual way...), call it button-in-MC

2) encapsulate button-in-MC in a MC (just the usual way...), call it

3) share MC_with_button

4) import MC_with_button in the target Movie

5) activate it on the timeline with MovieClip behaviour (just the usual

6) have the imported button-in-MC correctly work within MovieClip
MC_with_button in the target Movie.

what doesnt work :

1) share a *raw* (no action attached) button

2) import the shared button in the target Movie

3) activate it on the timeline with button behaviour (just the usual

4) attache actions to the imported button (just the usual way...)

5) have the imported button correctly work in the target Movie.

what happens actually is : the button works properly (states are ok) BUT no
action is targeted.

If it makes sense to anyone...


dgeorgesatarawana [dot] fr

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  RE: FLASH: Shared Buttons bug ?, Phillip Kerman

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