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Subject: Re: OT: Hooray for Helen! [was: Re: FLASH: OT: Newbie question!NEVER MIND]
From: sueyoo
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 19:19:36 GMT

on 12/19/00 11:48 AM, Ken Sherwood at uniquemacatearthlink [dot] net wrote:

> on 12/19/00 9:27 AM, Helen Triolo at designerati-technica [dot] com spake thusly:
>> You're welcome, Michael and Amanda. Hearing that the archive is useful
>> keeps me inspired to keep updating it... appreciate the feedback!
> Dear Helen,
> Well in that case let me make it clear that I feel that your archive is the
> best damn Flash thingy going on "out there". *Searchable nuggets of wisdom!*
> Have you ever imagined how many many hours you've saved some of us? Not to
> mention how many hairs haven't had to be pulled out in the process. Plus,
> it's not just a "problem solving" resource ... it's also a great read on
> nifty and unanticipated things one can do with Flash! Sometimes I just go to
> your archive and start reading straight through.
> .... AND, also "not to mention" (I love that oxymoron -- or is it a paradox,
> or a contradiction in terms?!) all the time you spend helping people with
> your responses on this list, and over on [Flashcoders], especially with your
> keen scripting insights. Heck, you even take time to respond to most if not
> all of the site check requests!
> You're the best, Helen; THANKS!
> Ken Sherwood

hear. hear.
I have to say that I'm on both lists and barely have time to read all the
postings much less respond to any. . .haven't checked out the archives yet,
but will get around to it at some point.

Helen rocks.

meatsueyoo [dot] com
Interactive Designer/Developer

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  OT: Hooray for Helen! [was: Re: FLASH: O, Ken Sherwood

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