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Subject: Re: FLASH: FS command using VBScript
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 20:23:56 GMT

At 11:07 AM 12/18/0, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> Question, FSCommand, in a browser it invokes the JavaScript
> function moviename_DoFSCommand..., can it invoke a VBScript
> funtion and what is the function name?

I'm not sure of the first part of that post, but for "How can I trigger a
VBScript handler from the Macromedia Flash Player?" then only IE/Win will
offer this, and your regular FSCommand action triggers it.

Background: In IE/Win the page's VBScript can catch messages sent from
ActiveX Controls. In most FSCommand examples the VBScript handler just
routes into the page's JavaScript routines, but if you're just designing
for IE/Win then you can handle the VBScript message right there.

If memory serves VBScript offers two message-catching styles: one where the
sending object's name is specified in the event handler (as in the example
you cited), but there's also another method where the message is caught
directly. I'd defer to Microsoft's documentation on catching messages from
ActiveX Controls in IE/Win's VBScript for best details.


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