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Subject: FLASH: Flash Calendar
From: Brian Mays
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 22:25:34 GMT

Sending this on behalf of a coworker who's not subscribed to the
list...he's stuck in a Flash project he's working on.


I am working on a movie that when you input the date it will tell you
the day it falls on.

My code is logically sound I believe however I am used to coding in C,
or C++:
however I am having problems changing the inputed strings into a Var
plus I need to work with just integers.

If you all would pls look at my code and swf I would appreciate any
input into my

My Pseudo code is
1. read in month, day, year
2. convert month to entry(for the month button Jan=1; Feb=4;mar=4,

3. t= entry+day+year+6
4. t=t+year div 4 - year div 100 +year div 4000 - year div 3000
5. adjust t for jan and feb of leap year
6. compare t to day of the week and print day of tthe week

Here is my syntax code when you hit Enter

on (release) {
set (int (t), month+day+year+6);
set (int (t), t+year/4 -year/100+year/400-year/3000);
if ((year%4==0)&&(month<=2)) {
set (int (t), int (t)-1);
if ((year%100==0) ) {
if ((year%4==0)&&(month<=2)) {
set (int (t), int (t)-1);
set (dow, int (t)%7);
if (dow==0) {
set (dow, "Saturday");
if (dow==1) {
set (dow, "Sunday");
if (dow==2) {
set (dow, "Monday");
if (dow==3) {
set (dow, "Tuesday");
if (dow==4) {
set (dow, "Wednesday");
if (dow==5) {
set (dow, "Thursday");
if (dow==6) {
set (dow, "Friday");
gotoAndPlay (3);

Jeff Beasley

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