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Subject: Re: FLASH: HELP... urgent F5 question!
From: Muzak
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 23:21:34 GMT

To move all the content in one scene, place the playhead in the first frame of that scene, select the 'edit multiple frames' button
(just below the timeline); click the button next to it - modify onion markers - and select 'onion all'. Hit CTRL + A to select all
content (make sure no layers are locked). You can now move all content at the same time.


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From: "flasher ­Pascal" <flashatflyart [dot] ch>
To: <flasheratchinwag [dot] com>
Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 5:55 PM
Subject: FLASH: HELP... urgent F5 question!

> Hi all
> I'm finishing up a site and stumbled across the following problem (which I
> have to solve immediately..): everything is almost done.. now I have the
> change the whole movie's size.. so far so good.. I just change the size of
> the movie to the new size (the content stays the exact same size).. BUT...
> when changing the size of a movie the stage expands from the upper left
> corner.. meaning that my whole content is now located in the upper left
> corner and the additional stage surface is only visible in the lower right
> corner.. BUT ALL MY (already made) CONTENT HAS TO BE CENTERED.. meaning all
> tweens and everything in my different scenes has to be centered!! and
> whatever I do.. I can't figure out how to move the whole content of a
> scene.. my motions tweens get ripped appart and nothing is together
> anymore.. Please help... I tried every possibility I know of (select all,
> edit multiple.., onion all etc..) and tomorrow everything has to be done!!
> anyone.. please let me know how to solve this
> thanks
> pascal

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  Re: FLASH: HELP... urgent F5 question! S, flasher ­Pascal

  FLASH: HELP... urgent F5 question!, flasher ­Pascal

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