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Subject: FLASH: array trouble
From: Ruben Mafura
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:09:58 GMT

>From a novice in Flash, a question concerning arrays.

Can anybody help me out with directly filling an array with values from an
external txt?

1) a 'loadvariable' to place the variables with their values inside a
2) create an array
2) I've got about 900 values to place in the array so i thought a loop would
be smart thing to use. Point is that i can't get the loop to work. The name
of the variable from which i want to place the value in the array needs to
be comprised from 2 parts:

a part that doesn't change and a number that increases (up to 899).

e.g. "SoundPress" + 899 to form variable-name 'SoundPress899'
which contains a value
"SoundPress" + 899 will form a string and not a name of a variable. That's
where my problem resides.

I hope i've explained my problem in clear way and i hope evne more that
someone can help me out.


Pecoma ICT-groep * De mensen, de oplossingen * http://www.pecoma.nl

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  Re: FLASH: array trouble, Helen Triolo

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