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Subject: Re: FLASH: array trouble
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:42:02 GMT

Not quite clear here. Yes, a loop is a good idea for putting things in
an array, and an array is a good idea if you have 900 things with
similar names! But do you want the array to contain both variable names
and strings? Can't you just put the strings into the array and
reference them from the array directly? Also, what's the content of
your text file? Hard to answer (from my point of view, anyway) without
knowing more.

(PS What's "De mensen, de oplossingen"?)

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Ruben Mafura wrote:
> >From a novice in Flash, a question concerning arrays.
> Can anybody help me out with directly filling an array with values from an
> external txt?
> 1) a 'loadvariable' to place the variables with their values inside a
> movieclip
> 2) create an array
> 2) I've got about 900 values to place in the array so i thought a loop would
> be smart thing to use. Point is that i can't get the loop to work. The name
> of the variable from which i want to place the value in the array needs to
> be comprised from 2 parts:
> a part that doesn't change and a number that increases (up to 899).
> e.g. "SoundPress" + 899 to form variable-name 'SoundPress899'
> which contains a value
> "SoundPress" + 899 will form a string and not a name of a variable. That's
> where my problem resides.
> I hope i've explained my problem in clear way and i hope evne more that
> someone can help me out.
> Regards.
> RuupY
> Pecoma ICT-groep * De mensen, de oplossingen * http://www.pecoma.nl

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  FLASH: array trouble, Ruben Mafura

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