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Subject: RE: FLASH: array trouble - final. really!
From: Paul Willoughby
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 17:40:01 GMT

Hi Helen,

I've just been following this thread as I'm trying to get my head round
a similar sort of thing.
But I don't quite understand this 'final' solution. I understand that
the loaded variables can be accessed with the array syntax, but if you
do it look this is there any way you can still use array methods (like
array.pop, array.join). Surely you'd have to use your previous
suggestion of creating a new array object before you could use those
methods on the array???


confused paul

Helen Triolo wrote on 20 December 2000:

> You already have an array, once
> you've read the
> variables in. (doh!)
> If you do loadVariablesNum("yourtext.txt",0) then they'll be
> accessible
> as _root["soundpress"+i], as mentioned below.
> If you read them into a separate movieclip (which provides the
> additional benefit of being able to check for variables
> loaded with the
> onClipEvent(data) routine instead of the 2-frame loop mentioned
> previously), with eg, LoadVariables("yourtext.txt","varclip"), you
> should be able to access them with _root.varclip["soundpress"+i]. So
> you don't even need to create an extra array either way.

> Helen Triolo wrote a bit earlier:
> >
> > Yes, that's what I was saying. But thinking about it a bit more, I
> > think my idea isn't so great. Flash may barf on such a big
> string for
> > one variable, and the split method is really slow. Probably your
> > original way is better, using a text file with
> > soundpress0=55555&soundpress1=44444&...soundpress899=33333.
> >
> > Then after you've read in the 900 variables, you could put
> them into an
> > array with
> >
> > aSounds = new Array(900);
> > for (i=0; i<900; i++) {
> > aSounds[i] = _root["soundpress"+i];
> > }
> >
> > You would still access the array elements as aSounds[thiselement].
> >
> > Regards,
> > Helen

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  Re: FLASH: array trouble - final. reall, Helen Triolo

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