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Subject: RE: FLASH: site check: http://www.viviente.com
From: Jamin Shoulet
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:14:38 GMT


its pretty good...I know that we all work hard on our own sites and
sometimes we all look at them too long to and we just need a little advice
on what works...hell..I do that all the time. Its clean and easy to
navagate. I didnt have any problems trying to figure out what goes where.
your text justifications were fine, and the basic design was consistant. you
used your negative space well...the only nit-picking I have:

1.I feel your profile is a bit much...well...thats just my opinion. I'm
still trying to get off the habbit of getting online just to grab my info
and go rather than relax and fave fun with what I'mlooking at. I felt that
it was a bit much to read....maybe one approach would be to trim the text
down to a few paragraphs...with my expereince (CD ROM and web based
training) most people...but not all... tend to read the first few paragraphs
and then skim over the remain few. If you read any news article in just
about any news paper...especially the New York Times, you can get the basics
of the story by reading the beginning paragraph (also known as the opening
paragraph)...but I'm sure you know all this. I'm not slamming you work or
anything...just trying to give my 2 cents without being a jackass. Again,
its just my opinion...

2. the only other thing I might question is the button for the printible
resume...maybe you should place it in the same spot as your photo...just to
keep things consistant. also, the dotted line that branches off to the
printible resume is set at a diagonal...not verticle like you have with your
image on your profile page.

...Sorry..I'm a typical Virgo..always looking for perfection...so dont mind
me. But other than those two points I made...everything else looks really
good. Granted, its your site and you have total control over what you want
and need to do. But maybe you can look into the 2 points stated above.
Great Job!

Jamin Shoulet
Http://www.lostnewyorker.com (its under construction...and going through
rennovations...but what the hell, check it out and drop a few anvils on my

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