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Subject: RE: FLASH: Array.sort() performance?
From: Branden Hall
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:36:51 GMT

Thanks Helen!
Actually, I released another version of it that addresses a bug in the
comparison operators with strings:

function Array_qSort(){
//Figure out if any arguments were passed in
//If there weren't set bot and top to default values
if (arguments[0]==null){
var bot = 0;
var bot = arguments[0];
if (arguments[1]==null){
var top = this.length-1;
var top = arguments[1];
if (top-bot == 1){
if (this[top] lt this[bot]){
temp = this[top];
this[top] = this[bot];
this[bot] = temp;
//Set up loop for tail recursion
while (bot<top){
var i = bot;
var j = top;

//Pick the pivot
pivot = this[bot];

//Partition the array around the pivot
while(this[j] gt pivot){
this[i] = this[j];
while (i<j && ((this[i] lt pivot)||(this[i]
eq pivot))){

//Replace the pivot

//Sort the left sub array

//Sort the right sub array via tail recursion
bot = i+1;
Array.prototype.qSort = Array_qSort;

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-= Senior Interactive Developer/Instructor
-= Fig Leaf Software - "We've got you covered!"

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