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Subject: Re: FLASH: site check: http://www.viviente.com
From: Mike Kelly
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 21:36:01 GMT

I agree - I didn't get beyond that graphic the first time I looked at your
site. I found it unfocussed and unattractive. Not a good introduction to
the many excellent things which come later. Sorry to pick up on a negative,
but I do think first impressions are important.
Best wishes,

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From: "Catherine Anfield" <webdesignbycathathotmail [dot] com>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 10:30 PM
Subject: Re: FLASH: site check: http://www.viviente.com

> Hi, Laura -
> Just visited your site...
> *Take note: I am not a professional :) I only have days of flash and 4
very basic web sites under my belt, but you asked for an opinion, and I'm
going to give it to you...
> My first reaction? I hated - I know, strong word - but I really hated the
graphic on the right on the opening page. I found it to be gaudy, too
simplistic, in my face. I almost turned back then, but knew there was more,
and knew you were counting on an honest opinion, so I continued on. Was I
ever surprised! This is where you turned me around...
> The rest was incredible! Very easy to navigate through, very impressively
laid out, full of information and quick to load. I even took the time to go
visit the other sites you've designed... My favourite? eCompany....cool
site :)
> Hope my gut reaction is useful to you...
> Cath

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