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Subject: RE: FLASH: Batch convert to SWF??!?!
From: Jester
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 13:21:47 GMT

Have you thought about doing a batch convert to mp3. Flash 5 supports
importing mp3 files and with Generator objects you can do a dynamic import
so your really only setting the script and then it calls all the others


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Subject: Re: FLASH: Batch convert to SWF??!?!


>Does anyone know of a batch converter for converting a .WAV to a .SWF
>I've got hundreds --- no, thousands of sound bytes that I want to convert,
>each one into a small SWF... and I don't fancy the prospect of doing each
>one by hand (import into flash, set to play in frame 1, export as swf).

If you know someone who can write unix shellscripts, this is quite easy.
Grab a copy of "blade encoder" at http://bladeenc.mp3.no/, to make mp3's of
your soundbites (original files must be at 22050 or 44100hz / 16
Bit though otherwise use SOX (SoundExchange) to convert sample rates). Get
another Tool from www.swift-tools.com

"Swift-MP3 is a utility that converts MP3 files into Flash files
containing pure streaming audio data. It can be used for batch processing
or as a CGI program. You can now build your Flash Juke Box!"

Run it in CGI-Mode to stream your mp3's and your done...


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