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Subject: FLASH: array trouble
From: Ruben Mafura
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 15:51:38 GMT


>And some days, I just shouldn't send any email at all, because my brain
>just goes too slow. ;-) The code in that last message is just dumping
>one array into another. You already have an array, once you've read the
>variables in. (doh!)

An ocasional slow moment has its charmes as well...However...trying to
access an array,
created with the 'loadVariables("mytext.txt","varclip")', returns nothing.

- i perform the 'LoadVar...' from within a button
- a dynamic textfiled with the same name as the variables in the txt-file
display the right values
- the araay-access-code for (i=0; i<16; i++) {

....returns nothing
- a 'trace(typeof...)' results in a 'UNDEFINED'

You said that the array was automatically created with the
'LoadVariables'?....then i'm a bit at a loss,..what am i doing wrong?

The other option : deviding one long string with 'split' wordks like a
The string-length hasn't become a problem...yet.

I've spend too much time to abbandon the other option....do you / does
anybody have any suggestions??

Many thankz


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