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Subject: RE: FLASH:scripting movement?
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:31:30 GMT

I have an article for starting out with scripted movement as opposed to
tweened movement that might help.
go to:
http://www.nisinson.com and then select the articles menu and pick Tween vs
Hope this helps.


Dorian Nisinson Design
dorianatnisinson [dot] com (mailto:dorianatnisinson [dot] com)
Flash Motion Graphics

> Subject: RE: FLASH:scripting movement?
> Hello everyone,
> I consider myself to be a pretty good flash designer and animator
> but lately
> I have been trying to delve into the scary world of action
> scripting, as it
> is necessary to make things work the way I need them to. My
> question is, is
> there an effective way to replace some basic tweening with action
> scripting?
> I have noticed that most movement that has been scripted moves
> very smoothly
> and saves a conciderable amount of file size. If so could you
> please give me
> some examples of scripts for something like rotating an object at
> a certain
> speed or adding a random alpha tween between 10% and 90%, something I can
> work with to better understand scripting. It is critical that I learn this
> and I appreciate any help that you all can give.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill
> iStream Interactive

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  RE: FLASH:scripting movement?, Bill Gunter

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