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Subject: FLASH: Help! - combining externally loaded variables, (F5 bug???)
From: jmerrill
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 12:57:57 GMT

I posted this yesterday without a response... I know I'm being impatient
for a reply, but this is driving me nuts! Fixing this would make it a very
merry Christmas. I narrowed my problem down further, and need help
solving it.

FACT 1: In F5, I can load & display an external variable, like so:
(contents of external file, "text.txt")

&matter1=Alphacon v. Digital Financial, Inc.
&matter2=Werner Electric v. Jones
...this works great - contents of variables "matter1" and "matter2" load
and displays fine in a dynamic text field using text = loadVariablesnum
("text.txt", 0);

FACT 2: I can also combine & display two variables I create in Flash
internally, like so:

var1="My name is: ";
sentence= var1+var2; ...this also works great - contents of variable
"sentence" displays fine in a dynamic text field.

Now, here's the kicker: I can't seem to combine & display two or more
externally loaded variables! For example:

(contents of external file, "text.txt")
&matter1=Alphacon v. Digital Financial, Inc.
&matter2=Werner Electric v. Jones

(then the actionscript in F5)
text = loadVariablesnum ("text.txt", 0);

(dynamic text field set to "matters" displays nothing, while others set to
display "matter1" or "matter2" display fine!)
???????? Am I missing something very obvious? (very possible!) Thanks in

Jason Merrill
Multimedia/Courseware Developer @ ELF, Issaquah, WA
SerengetiUS.com - "Where Law Does Business"

Seattle Macromedia Authorware User's Group

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