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Subject: Re: FLASH: importing from freehand
From: Ken Sherwood
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 17:31:04 GMT

On 2000.12.22 01.58, Daniel Goldin at danigoldinatearthlink [dot] net spake thusly:

> I've been trying to import files from freehand 9 to flash 5, and I keep
> getting error messages saying eps file is incomplete. Is there a trick I'm
> missing? Or is there a bug in flash 5?

On 2000.12.22 11.04, Phillip Kerman at flash5atteleport [dot] com spake thusly:

> Importing EPS doesn't work well. Why don't you just import native Freehand
> files?
> The other route is first exporting a .swf from Freehand and then importing
> that. Both methods work alright (perhaps the .swf option more reliably but
> with fewer features).

There are two other options that previously have been used (in the Flash 4
days) to "get around" certain peculiarities/annoyances. I'm not sure if
they're needed with Flash 5, so I'm offering this on a "for what it's worth"

Depending upon what you're trying to export/import, they may prove to be
*faster*, as well.

The first is to copy your image, then paste it into Flash.

The second is to use drag-and-drop.

(Of course, these methods will not work for exporting animations.)

See pp. 261-262 of the FreeHand manual for further important details,
especially regarding Preferences > Export "clipboard" settings.


Ken Sherwood


No Hurries No Worries.


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  RE: FLASH: importing from freehand, Phillip Kerman

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