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Subject: FLASH: Memory problems in Navigator
From: zeug
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:09:13 GMT


I have a flashed site at http://www.imago.com.au/horizons and I'm running into a difficult problem in Navigator on either PC or Mac. There are a large number of flash and QT3 files that when loaded seem to bloat Navigator's memory requirements out to the point where it eventually uses up all available ram and crashes. Since the browser loads current shockwave and quicktime into ram is there a workaround to flush its memory cache or some way to generally avoid this problem?

I've had a look around at various faq's on devedge, builder.com etc. and the flash technical notes but haven't found anything yet. The website is fairly media intensive so I hope this isn't just a limitation of the current browser technology. Have I missed something simple?


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