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Subject: FLASH: pop-ups with status
From: Erik Kittlaus
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:35:37 GMT

I noticed several URL submissions recently leading to sites that make use
of JavaScript powered pop-up windows. I'd like to take a moment to state a
personal opinion in regards to this usage. I, personally, like them a lot
when used appropriately. It is duly noted, however, that many people do
not. One of the reasons is that often times the status bar is omitted (via
the JavaScript settings). I agree that this looks really good; a clean
window without the toolbar or status bar. But the problem is this: many of
us are fond of, and very used to following the status of the download in
the status bar. When it's not there it can be rather annoying --
particularly when there is a significant download. Now you compound that
with the lack of a preloader and you flat-out lose people.

I don't mean to point this at anyone in particular. I only mean to bring a
little awareness to the decision making behind the process of site
planning. I've said my piece.

-Erik Kittlaus

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