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Subject: FLASH: OT: A Book or Website on every thing about flash.
From: Randy Anthony
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:20:16 GMT

Hey peoples,
Here, my question. If we are in need of such a good book, then why
don't we all combine our knowledge of flash, FLA's and written/typed
information and go to a publisher and try to get it published, or just
get an all out site going on this. I think I may be able to pull some
strings and get something published (I write in my spare time). If
anybody is interested in doing let's here it. E-Mail me private or to
the group. Which ever you wish to do. Also, if anybody has any
experience in writing Tutorials or such those would be great to use in
such a thing to.
Randy Anthony
randyatgbiconstruction [dot] com
Microsoft Site Builder Level 2

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