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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: A Book or Website on every thing about flash.
From: DragonFly
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:43:18 GMT

Randy Anthony wrote:

> Hey peoples,
> Here, my question. If we are in need of such a good book, then why
> don't we all combine our knowledge of flash, FLA's and written/typed
> information and go to a publisher and try to get it published, or just
> get an all out site going on this.

Between me and more importantly Erik K, I believe that this is in the

> I think I may be able to pull some
> strings and get something published (I write in my spare time).

Material published on paper is out of date before the ink dries. A given of
the late 90s.

> If
> anybody is interested in doing let's here it. E-Mail me private or to
> the group. Which ever you wish to do. Also, if anybody has any
> experience in writing Tutorials or such those would be great to use in
> such a thing to.

Many excellent tutorials have already been written, put on the Web, and
URLed/linked from this list. We have a lot of what we want, we just need to
document it. I will help.

Ken Sherwood

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  FLASH: OT: A Book or Website on every th, Randy Anthony

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