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Subject: Re: FLASH: A Quasi-Review on Ken Milburn's Flash book.
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:53:15 GMT

For those wondering about Flash 3 Web Animation, the new book by Ken Milburn
& Janine Warner, it arrived two days ago at our studio and I haven't had
time to go through it. It was a 50$ book, 360 pages, a nice section with
color photos pointing to sites created by flasher list frequents we all know
and love. It seems really complete, in some regards, as far as Flash
manuals can go. I think I might be drawn to it over Plant's book, but then
Id buy both cause they both are different. It comes with a CD with Trials
for a lot of Macromedia software. This book would be ideal it looks like
for a newbie and a nice addition - reference for a novice . . . (tagged on
back cover as : User Level: Intermediate to Advanced) and since everyone
seems to be inquiring about it, here is the TOC.

(so far, I give it a "looks great on my book-shelf thumbs up!"

1)The Many Faces of Flash
Why Flash is the Answer to a Web Author's Prayers
New Features in Flash
Flash 2 Features Revisited
Flash As a Visual Tool
Flash As a Graphics & Animation Utility
Flash As An Illustration & Presentation Program
Teaming Flash with other Multimedia
2)The Anatomy of Flash
Flash Interface Components
3)Flash From here to There & Back
Whether To Design Specifically For Browser or Offline
A Precision Placement Tool
Perfect Type
Easy Shapes
Export to Bitmappeds File Formats
Export to Insta.HTML
Using Aftershock
Integration With Other Macromedia Products
Creating Templates For Flash Generator
4)Drawing With Flash
You Dont Need Drawing Talent
Before Doing the Exercises
Learning To Draw Freehand With Flash
Drawing With Animation In Mind
The Drawing Tools And Their Modifiers
Flash's Drawing Aids
Commands & Tools For Refining Drawing Elements
Assembling & Disassembling Groups & Symbols
Inserting Objects Created In Other Applications
What You Shouldn't Expect From Flash As A Drawing Program
5)The Essentials Of Making A Flash Animation
The Basics of Animation
Easy Animation Techniques
Animation Fundamentals
The Power of Layers
The Symbols of Power
Making The Scene
6)The Symbols of Power
Graphic Symbols
Movie Clips
Using The Library Window & Menu
Editing Symbols
Making Animated Symbols
Instances & Instance Modifications
7)Combining Symbols
Creating Multilayer Animation
Combining Interactivity & Multiple Scenes
More About Sound & Flash Animation
Finalizing & Publishing The Movie
Playing Flash Movies
Exporting To Other File Formats
8)Buttoning Up Flash & Interactivity
Creating Buttons
Interactivity & Assigning Actions
Cool Button Tricks
9)Using The Design In Motion Suite (And other Macromedia Software)
Using Freehand 8.01 With Flash
Using Insta.HTML
Using Fireworks With Flash
Using Dreamweaver With Flash
3D Tools & Flash
10)Placing Flash On an HTML Page
Macromedia Dreamweaver: The Ultimate WYSIWYG HTML Editor
Basic HTML
HTML & Multimedia
11)Expanding Flash & Your Audience
Making Sure You have The Biggest Possible Audience
Expanding Flash TO New Horizons
12)Case Studies
Interview With Josh Ulm, Quokka Sports (www.quokka.com)
Interview With Elmer Erana, Fusion Media Group (www.fusionmedia.com)
Interview With Christopher Colshorn, I-D Gruppe (www.idgruppe.com)
Using Tell Target
Tell Target Tutorial
Things You Should Remember About Tell Target
Some Suggestions On Ways To Use Tell Target

Flash 3 Web Animation, f/x & design . . .Ken Milburn & Janine Warner,
Coriolis Creative Professional Press, ISBN: 1-57610-382-X

(ah just by the thing)


Love & Rockets, Daniel Votino
Project Manager, The Flash Brothers Design Group
510 E. Francis Ave. Level0 Suite# DESCRY, Spokane, WA 99207
509.755.9904 / 509.484.8466 / FAX: 509.484.8461
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