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Subject: FLASH: Author's response to Flash 3 f/x book reviews
From: Ken Milburn
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:54:56 GMT

>From the horses mouth:

The biggest criticism of the book seems to be the fact that somehow a
number of files that were intended for the CD-ROM didn't make it. This was
due to miscommunication between the parties involved in putting all this
together, not to any attempt to mislead. I'm terribly sorry it happened.
Meantime, I have hired someone to re-construct all of those files and, as a
bonus, a few more. As soon as they are done (it will probably be another
week or so), they will be posted on the Coriolis site so that anyone who
buys the book can easily download them.

The other hit is that some people feel that the book isn't advanced enough
to suit their needs. If you are someone who has been using Flash on a daily
basis from the beginning of time, you may be one of those people. It would
simply be unlikely that a book written several months earlier could
possibly contain all the knowledge reflected on this list. I wish it were
not so, but console myself by knowing that the vast majority of people who
buy this book are not solidly entrenched in Flash and, in fact, may not
know much at all about graphics. Those folks will get a better, clearer,
more comprehensive and more patient view of how to make use of the program.
At the same time, the book has to add something to the documentation that
comes with the program. I do follow this list pretty closely and each new
edition of the book will certainly learn from this list as well.

Finally, I think you'll notice that the Amazon reviews consists of an
almost equal number of 180-degree opposite opinions. Seems to me highly
complimentary reviews are a counter reaction from other people who bought
the book and found the first two reviews inaccurate--at least in their

I any case, no one would be well served by advertising claims that aren't
so. Both publishers and authors are human and do make mistakes--at least I
don't claim to be perfect. On the other hand, I do care about my readers
and if something is brought to my attention I'll certainly do my best to help.

I hope this note will be of help to those who are trying to make up their
minds as to whether this book will serve their own needs -- which is always
a highly individual matter. One of the flashers made up their minds by
checking out the book in a store before buying. If you're in doubt, follow

Meantime, I'd love to hear constructive suggestions from any who'd like to
offer them. Also, if any of you would like to suggest links, I'll be glad
to post them on the Coriolis site along with the other material that will
be going up there.

Ken Milburn
Author of Photoshop 4 f/x and The Flash 2 Web Animation Book, Ventana
Press 1997, Master Photoshop 5 Visually (IDG), Flash 3 f/x and Design
Coming soon: Photoshop Plug-ins 2000 (IDG) and The Digital Photography Bible
2934 Ford St, Suite 38, Oakland, CA94601Phone 510-436-6601, Fax 510-436-6695

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