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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flashlite.net has moved
From: Rey, Chrissy
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 19:42:07 GMT

I checked it with Netscape on my PC, and it didn't work *blink* It worked last night when Branden first put it up :( I'll be sure to check on it when I get home from work this evening (if he hasn't already fixed it by then). If you need the info ASAP on the site, go to http://www.flashlite.net/main.html to get the site without the menu (I'm pretty sure the errors are in there). There's a text navigation at the bottom :)

Chrissy Rey
Web Developer
United States Trustee Program
United States Dept. of Justice
chrissy [dot] reyatusdoj [dot] gov

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From: Angelique Gulermovich Epstein
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 1999 11:01 AM
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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flashlite.net has moved

Hi Chrissy,

I'm going through a bunch of mail all at once, so this may already have
come up, but...I get a bunch of javascript errors when I go to your site.
I'm running IE 4/Mac. Sorry about the bad news. I looking forward to
seeing your site.

Yours very truly,


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