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Subject: Re: FLASH: FLA crashes Flash
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 19:56:24 GMT

John Croteau wrote:

> Hi David,
> First find out if there is any chance there is valuable info in the
> file. If the file size isn't as big as it should be then there is little
> hope that your work can be saved. Compare the size of your backup and
> take into account the additional work you did afterwards.

Yes John, size matches earlier versions. Datas there.

> Two try it on the other platform. If on a Mac try the FLA on Windows (or
> vice versa).
> There are tools that can extract graphics from swf files (most of the
> time). So if you have an swf file with your lost graphics you might be
> able to recover your work.

Well, Its not the lost graphics I need, Im re-creating what I did yesterday
now on the former saved version.
Its the design paradigm that I want back. Its tough when you have a complex
shematic working and then
you lose it. Its hard to +restart+ and know exactly where you were on the
previous save.
I can open the file as library and all the graphics and MCs are still intact,
but when I try to open FLA it crashes

Thanks for the note, Ill try loading it on my Mac when I get to my other
studio tonight or tommorrow and post.


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