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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: A Book or Website on every thing about flash.
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 20:14:26 GMT

Randy Anthony wrote:

> Hey peoples,
> Here, my question. If we are in need of such a good book, then why
> don't we all combine our knowledge of flash, FLA's and written/typed
> information and go to a publisher and try to get it published.

hiya Randy,

With all due respect, publishing a book is something you just dont get some
guys together
and do. The problem with most software "how to" books is that technology
moves so fast
that most books that try to keep up with the latest versions fall short of
really teaching anything
besides the basics of the software. Publishers of these books are usually by
far "masters" or "gurus"
of the book their publishing. What they are good at is collecting
information about the programs.
Some info from the net, some from people in the industry. Most from the
manual. The people
have the experience and connections to get the book out in a reasonable
amount of time.

Very little is from hands on. As you can see the publishers of the Flash
books to date dont have any Flash
work on the net. If you want to sift through gobs of FLash tutorials and
technical info, then
theres plenty of it on the net. However a good "how to" book is usually very
helpful to those starting
out. It gives the basic fundaments, usually worded better than the manual
and actually helps a newbie
figure out what questions to ask. There are some great info sites on the
net, Flash Central is a good one.
Alot simply dont have anything more than posts from people usually babbling
about the same thing we babble about.


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  FLASH: OT: A Book or Website on every th, Randy Anthony

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