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Subject: Re: FLASH: RE: flasher-digest V1 #759
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:05:39 GMT

> I've been in lurk mode forever here, but I couldn't resist this
> Get a mac. It's part of the OS :)
>> support 2 monitors.

I use 2 21" monitors on a mac, and while it's nice to have all that screen
real estate, what would be better would be being able to break out the
timeline in its own window, and to be able to edit more than one object at
a time (multiple wds open at once). I think that's what Dave was getting
at. I'd pay for an upgrade for that feature alone.


>> MM, Flashers,
>> I was wondering, I know a couple of high end graphics cards on the
>> market that
>> support dual monitors.
>> In some graphics packages, the interface can be used on one monitor
>> while the
>> graphics screen can be seen on the other.
>> I know this is a long shot, but Flash3 software wouldnt happen to
>> support this would
>> it?
>> Ive got some FLAs that have 50 or more layers and It would be very
>> helpful to view
>> ALL layers AND be able to edit
>> graphics at the same time. Right now on one monitor its a wrestling
>> match and a
>> memory game to work with a fair amount
>> of layers AND editing graphics.

Wayne Townsend
waynetattopher [dot] net

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  FLASH: RE: flasher-digest V1 #759, Mitch Mattek

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