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Subject: FLASH: Re: intro
From: Embryonic
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:14:19 GMT

Hi there. My name's Marc and I'm both new to the list as to Flash.

I'm working on my first Flash site (my boss's, so there's a bit of pressure
there) and I have a few questions. I apologize if they're really basic, but
I hope some people here might be so kind as to help out (oh, and before
everyone starts screaming "RTFM!", i have read the manual, the help files
and even the macromedia book).

Anyway here goes:

The page lay-out is such that there's one html document with various buttons
supposed to activate various shockwave movies in a rectangular box on the
middle of the page, not unlike switching channels on the TV, with that
rectangle being the TV screen and the various buttons surrounding it
activating different movies within that rectangle.

1) I've been trying to get flash movies in HTML layers, but they seem to
disappear when I the page preview in a browser. I created the layers in
Dreamweaver and imported shockwave movies into the seperate HTML layers in
there, but they seem to vanish when browsed. What am I doing wrong?

2) How do I tell non-flash buttons (linked images) to activate a certain
flash movie using javascript?

3) Speaking of which, can I activate a movie using a completely seperate
button (= shockwave movie), for instance how can I get movie.swf to start
playing by clicking button.swf which is a seperate movie in another part of
the HTML page? Am I stuck to having to make a huge screen-filling movie to
have buttons activate movies?

4) The page intro is a shockwave movie, after which a background colorfade
has to happen (from white to green), which is a piece of javascript code.
What do I have to do, to tell the last frame of that intro movie to activate
the javascript?

Anyway, thanks in advance. I'm quite stuck here, so I hope someone can help


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  Re: FLASH: Re: intro, John Croteau

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