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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: intro
From: John Dowdell
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:36:22 GMT

At 2:04 PM 2/11/99, Embryonic wrote:
>1) I've been trying to get flash movies in HTML layers, but they seem to
>disappear when I the page preview in a browser. I created the layers in
>Dreamweaver and imported shockwave movies into the seperate HTML layers in
>there, but they seem to vanish when browsed. What am I doing wrong?

A good first test is to see what it's like without the layers. This can
reveal whether the layers are a critical element.

(fwiw, you can certainly EMBED within DIVs, but don't expect to overlay
text or graphics atop actively changing content such as Flash or FORMs...
the redraws will kill most browsers' z-order.)

>2) How do I tell non-flash buttons (linked images) to activate a certain
>flash movie using javascript?

Since you're using Dreamweaver, look into the "Control Flash/Shockwave"
behavior included there.

(Note that this is a relatively advanced use... for most folks, it's good
to prove the page first before jumping into the interdependent stuff.)

>3) Speaking of which, can I activate a movie using a completely seperate
>button (= shockwave movie), for instance how can I get movie.swf to start
>playing by clicking button.swf which is a seperate movie in another part of
>the HTML page? Am I stuck to having to make a huge screen-filling movie to
>have buttons activate movies?

This is even more advanced. Once you're comfortable with regular use of the
tools, you may wish to examine "FSCommand" in documentation, on-CD
examples, and technotes. You'll need to handle your own routing JavaScript

>4) The page intro is a shockwave movie, after which a background colorfade
>has to happen (from white to green), which is a piece of javascript code.
>What do I have to do, to tell the last frame of that intro movie to activate
>the javascript?

Flash and Shockwave can send messages to JavaScript, if the browser permits
it. Again, "FSCommand", the Flash API, "externalEvent" and "evalScript" are
search terms that will bring you to documentation on these areas.

(Particularly because you're on deadline with this first project, it may be
more profitable to simplify the design, and then to add new features as
your schedule permits.)


John Dowdell, Macromedia Tech Support, San Francisco CA US
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