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Subject: FLASH: Re: Multiple SWF Layers in Mac IE4
From: Nathan
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 01:21:40 GMT

At 4:59 PM 2/10/99, Nathan wrote:
>Has anyone been able to make multiple SWF layers work in MAC IE 4 ? - with
>the correct javascript, of course.

> At Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:35:34, John wrote:

> I don't know what this phrase might intend. I assume you're familiar with
> some of the ways that IE4/Mac is different from other browsers, and you
> might also be familiar with how DIVs will let you layer static content but
> not dynamic content.
> Are you, by chance, doing something in IE4/Win32 which does not work the
> same in IE/Mac...?

I'm sorry John but I don't think I made myself quite clear. What I was
actually trying to say is that I show concern that using the load _level
command within MAC IE 4 may not work. - it crashes every time I try to use
load command to load another .SWF. I am familiar with some of the ways the
IE4/Mac is different from other browsers. I have used the correct scripting
because I used a .swf file that does not use the _level command without
crashing the MAC IE 4 browser.

We have developed an enormous flash site that uses the _level command as
it's backbone for navagation. (10 _levels at once)


Thankyou Nathan.

Nathan Livingstone Vale
New Media Developer
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