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Subject: FLASH: technical question: Does Flash keep a memory?
From: Mary Brzys
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 17:25:44 GMT

A while back I was creating a movie for a client and during the
process I had to change the navigation. When I did so, in certain
instances, the actions would default to the original comand that I had
given it, even though I had gone through and removed all the commands
ie: tell targets, load movies. from all the elements with any comands
on them.

In order to have the movie navigate the way I wanted to in the end, I
had to make a new movie and bring all the elements from the original
movie and redo the navigation. This was fine with me, it ran well and
it turned out well. The movie is on my site, it's call NavMate and
it's under Visteon in Automotive, in case you're curious.

So the question is: Does Flash keep a memory, and if so where is it?

Mary Brzys
Flash Artist


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